Becoming a mother is an initiation. Not only does the body transform and expand while the baby grows in the womb, but so does the mind as the expectant mother gets ready to welcome a new child into her daily life and schedule. Mothering is far from being an easy task. It requires love, compassion, patience, understanding and care.

But what mothers tend to forget is to provide these things to themselves. The tendency is to fall into a sacrificial mode, and to prioritise one’s child over oneself. Not only can that behaviour create considerable damage on the mother and her relationship to her child, but she needs to fill up in order to be able to give. One can’t pour from an empty cup.

We live in a patriarchal society, where women often feel unheard, unseen, unsatisfied, or even shameful, guilty or weak. We have been taught that our voices won’t be heard if we ask for help. And yet every woman deserves help. Every pregnant woman deserves help. Every mother deserves help.

The support I offer is one of empowerment. I do my best in order to give you the confidence to do do things yourself. Because nobody else can give birth to your child for you. Not even your doctor can claim to do that, however knowledgeable they can be. You are the closest person to your baby in the womb, and all you need is to be given the time and space to listen to yourself and to your baby.

Our work together can begin anytime during pregnancy. We will need to meet up a few times antenatally, so we get to know each other better, and most importantly so I get to know what kind of support you need from me. These sessions will be informative, as we will have a look at the physiology of labour and birth, and allow you to write your own birth plan. They will be psychological, as we will consider your personal history, and confront your fears around childbirth and motherhood. And they will be physical, as we will look at some positions, sounds and breathing techniques which will help you have a smooth labour, and empower you to give birth to your child the way you envision it.